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New Breed of Spark Plugs

bosch_iridiumSpark plugs have always been a core product for Bosch. In fact, Bosch has been producing spark plugs for over 111 years! As one of the top OE spark plug producers, and with a growing North American market share with Asian, Domestic and European manufacturers, Bosch is at the forefront of new spark plug technology. Gasoline direct injection (GDI), turbo-charging/super-charging and higher voltage requirements are rapidly becoming standard on today’s vehicles. By 2015, 48% of all new cars sold will be equipped with GDI technology. One of the things this means for spark plugs is that the higher voltage requirements demand the use of advanced ceramics. Weak spark plug ceramics can result in failures like “dielectric punchthrough,” when the spark fires through the side of the insulator instead of firing at the tip of the center electrode. The use of advanced ceramics is just one of the features of the new Bosch line of OE Fine Wire Spark Plugs.

GDI requires the correct spark position (the location of the center electrode in the combustion chamber). Incorrect placement can lead to spark blowout, full or partial misfires, poor fuel economy and performance, as well as higher emissions which could cause an emissions test failure. For the New OE Fine Wire Spark Plug family, Bosch has gone to great lengths to insure that these plugs meet the OE spark position and do it better than other full line spark plug manufacturers.

All of these technological advancements require OE technology in aftermarket replacement components and that’s exactly what Bosch delivers with the new OE Fine Wire Spark Plug family. In addition to this OE technology, Bosch plugs come pre-gapped for ease of installation making them the simple solution for all makes/models. Bosch OE Fine Wire Spark Plugs insure a reliable spark, improved throttle response and acceleration, and protection against full or partial misfires.