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Video on Demand

ACDelco recently launched Video on Demand training exclusively to ACDelco program members as a part of the training benefit – at no additional cost!

Now you can log into the ACDelco Training website and view pre-recorded video training sessions on a variety of automotive repair topics at any time, day or night, from the comfort of your computer chair, or even on your mobile device!

What’s ACDelco Video On Demand?
ACDelco Video on Demand is a combination of web-based training and video classroom training, where we have recorded an instructor working through a specific course.  Since these are pre-recorded training sessions, technicians can log in and view the Video on Demand sessions at a time that is convenient for them!

This is another training option being offered to compliment the wide variety of aftermarket topics already available to ACDelco program members through web-based training, virtual classroom training, and instructor-led training.
This month we are launching 30 new Video on Demand sessions. They range from 30 minutes to 3 hours in length, depending on the selected video. Additional sessions will continue to launch each month. Please see new ACDelco VOD session names and codes below:

New Video on Demand sessions for May 2013

  • Rear Axle & Propeller Shaft – Part 1: S-MT03-03.01VOD
  • HVAC Systems and Operation: S-AC07-02.01VOD
  • TCC Diagnostic Tips: S-AT02-05.01VOD
  • Automatic Transmission/ Transaxle Theory, Operation & Diagnostics: S-AT02-07.01VOD
  • GM Braking Systems: S-BK05-03.01VOD
  • Panoramic Roof Repair: S-DS11-02.01VOD
  • HHR Waterleak Diagnostics and Repair: S-EL06-09.01VOD
  • 4200 Engine Familiarization: S-EP08-09.01VOD
  • Duramax 6600: Technology Changes: S-EP08-10.01VOD
  • Telephone protocol: B-CC30-04.01VOD
  • Information use and control: B-CC30-05.01VOD
  • 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Features and Systems: S-FN00-96.01VOD
  • 2006 SKH-TCU- Service Programming Tips: S-FN00-29.01VOD
  • 2007 SKH TCU- Intermittent Diagnostics: S-FN00-30.01VOD
  • 2007 SKH TCU-GM Light Duty Truck Upfitting Policies and Procedures: S-FN00-31.01VOD
  • 2007 SKH TCU- Engine Oil: S-FN00-32.01VOD
  • 2006 & 2007 SKH Seminar Emerging Issues Series: S-FN00-06.01VOD, S-FN00-07.01VOD, S-FN00-08.01VOD, S-FN00-09.01VOD, S-FN00-10.01VOD, S-FN00-11.01VOD, S-FN00-12.01VOD, S-FN00-17.01VOD, S-FN00-18.01VOD, S-FN00-19.01VOD, S-FN00-20.01VOD, S-FN00-21.01VOD, S-FN00-22.01VOD, S-FN00-28.01VOD

How to Access ACDelco VOD

  • Log into the ACDelco Training website
  • Hover the cursor over “Take Training” (at the top of the page)
  • Select “Video on Demand”
  • Now you’re in the Video on Demand portal, where you can search through the available sessions to view the pre-recorded videos and view them at your own pace
  • Looking for a specific topic within the video? Just enter the topic in the search bar in the upper right-hand corner, and then select the search icon. Click on the search results by clicking on either topics or transcript to locate the specific topic.