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Moog Sway Bar Link Kit

MOOG Problem Solver – Non-Socket Style Sway Bar Link Kit

MOOG COLOUREDThe sway bar link on affected vehicles comes in many styles. Other
suppliers may utilize a small-diameter bolt. This small size makes
the bolt susceptible to the damaging effects of road shock and
corrosion. In addition, the neoprene bushings used in many of
these links do not stand up well to stress and weather conditions.
Also, other suppliers may use a rolled steel sleeve which can allow
contaminants in, leading to corrosion and failure.

The MOOG® Problem Solver® design includes polyurethene bushings
for enhanced durability and performance.
• Barrel nut provides proper thread engagement for easier installation.
• Nested washers help keep bushings centered during installation.
• Solid black anodized T6 aluminum hex spacer provides superior
corrosion protection and provides easier removal.
• Black oxide 3/8″ Grade 8 bolt provides strength
and corrosion protection

Download the PDF for more information.