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AP Exhaust – Catalytic Converter Speaker Series

Catalytic Converter Information Clinic




History and Evolution of Automotive Catalytic Converters
OBD II, And A Look To……California!
Converters “The Inside Story”
If It Ain’t Got It Inside, You’ll Know It Soon Enough!
Fix The Problem…..The Real One!
The Last Thing You Replace Is The Converter!
Best Repairs, MIL ON or OFF…….Your Choice
O2 Sensors, What Are They Looking For?
Injector and Combustion Chamber Cleaning
How Important Is An Oil Change?
Converters DON”T Self-Destruct, DTC’s Can Help You Properly Fix The Vehicle
HC’s, CO, and NOx
Everything’s The Same BUT NOT!
Engine Operating Systems, California Emissions OR What?
How To Make Your Job Easier…Talk With Your Customer
They Can Help More Than You Know
Selling The Complete Repair, Why They Should Trust You.
Evolution, Where Is It All Going?
OBD I, II, California Part Numbers?
US EPA Government Regulations
New York State, OTC, Maine, Massachusetts, etc
Ontario Drive Clean!

Download the PDF AP Exhaust Converter Clinic or contact your local Sales Representative for more details.


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