Canusa Automotive Warehouse

ACDelco Tech Clinic

Two-Mode Hybrid Vehicle
Features & Associated Service Safety Precautions

June 16, 2015
Meal @ 6:00pm
Course begins @ 7:00 pm

The Courtyard by Marriott
864 Exeter Road, London, ON

Course # S-EL06-43.01SEM-CA

  • Technicians will identify unique Two-mode hybrid components and systems as they discuss system operation. Procedures for disabling and enabling the Two-mode hybrid 300 volt battery system will be explained. Operation of the Two-mode hybrid 300 volt battery system and high voltage power electronics will be described.
  • The high voltage disconnect procedure will be explained, as well as how to verify that the high voltage system is disabled. The discharge procedure and jump starting procedure will also be discussed.
  • Two-mode hybrid supporting systems and self-diagnosis logic will also be covered.
  • Voltage conversion components that power various systems will be described.
  • The seminar will conclude with overviews of electric power steering, electric air conditioning compressors, and regenerative braking systems that capture and store energy.


PSC program members – N/C per Tiering (additional students $50)
ACE program members – $50 per student
Non-member Shops – $100 per student

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