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ACDelco Online Training


ACDelco has added two brand new TechTube courses and one new web-based training course to the training web site. The new courses are available exclusively to your program member customers. This is in addition to the other forms of online training courses available for program members to access through the ACDelco Training website.

trainingThe new online training courses are designed to give your program member customers the opportunity to develop new skills in a specific area through an instructional video.

For October, they have launched:

Electric Power Steering – S-SS04-09.01VID

This video describes the various types of electric power steering systems.

Diesel Exhaust Treatment Stage 3 – S-EP08-08.01VID
This video describes the operation of the diesel exhaust after treatment system for Duramax engines focusing on the diesel particulate filter.

Data Bus Diagnostic Tool – S-DS11-15.01WBT
This course presents a description of the Data Bus Diagnostic Tool (DBDT). Topics include the DBDT’s major characteristics: software installation, main screen (window), Detected State tab, Measured Voltage tab, Message Monitor tab, and error messages.