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Silverstar Ultra

Silverstar Ultra Blister Packs

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Do you want to see better when driving at night?  The brighter downroad the headlights are on your vehicle, the further downroad you can see — debris, animals, pedestrians, disabled vehicles and other obstacles in your path. Seeing more helps you avoid hazards that cause accidents.  Headlights are an active safety item, the sooner you can see an object, the sooner you can react, hopefully making the other safety devices; seatbelts, air bags…, not necessary.

Key Features:

  • The brightest downroad headlight in our product line*
  • More clarity – down road, side road and contrast of objects*
  • Increased side road visibility*
  • Increased peripheral visibility*
  • Whiter light for greater contrast of objects and improved visibility of reflective objects
  • For ULTRA Night Vision