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Where Membership Really Matters

APC offers the powerhouse brands of the industry, marketing, training and rewards with ACDelco (PSC and ACE), travel incentive earn backs, loyalty and warranty programs and enhanced year-end volume rebates. All aspects  of the APC Select program provide you with value for every dollar and the assurance of quality and service you have come to expect.

We Stack up against the best!

Global Brands

Most Recognized Training ProgramsAPC Select

Unmatched Installer Loyalty Programs

Competitive Labour/Warranty Programs

Shop Management Solutions

Customer Retention Programs

Travel Incentive Programs

WIP Online Ordering

Earn Back Programs for APC Sponsored Events and other Gift Premiums

The Powerhouse Traditional Brands You Need





Total Lubricants

Blue Streak

AP Exhaust



Plus many others…

The Powerhouse Programs for you to Succeed

Fram Advantage
Bosch Auto Parts Specialist
Monroe Expert Plus
Dayco TSP

To find out more about becoming a member, call 1-866-860-1231, and ask for Luke Ramsay.