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ACDelco Training

ACDelco’s 100 years of OEM brand heritage combined with their Professional Service Centre (PSC) technician training program, make it the product demanded by the technicians of today. The PSC program is the fastest growing installer-based program in Canada, that offers comprehensive technical training with both internet based and hands on abilities. It also offers a technical support hotline, exclusive rewards program and many other features.

ACDelco’s approach to training combines a variety of proven delivery methods to help ensure maximum learning potential for the service professional. In addition to traditional instructor-led technical training courses and seminars, a wide selection of online courses is also available – allowing participants to complete the courses at their own pace and on their own schedule.

ACDelco Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual Classroom

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Virtual classroom training is a live, Internet-based and highly interactive training class. It connects technicians to trainers, experts, and peers. Training sessions last approximately three hours and cover a number of technical topics.

ACDelco Web Based Training

Web Based

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Web based courses allow for self paced training. Instruction is delivered over the internet and is just in time, specific, job-focused and practical. It is multi-sensory as it presents instruction verbally, in writing, and through graphics and animation.

ACDelco Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led

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Instructor Led Training courses incorporate hands-on practice and recognition of vehicle component functionality and would cover diagnostics and repair procedures. Registration required for participation for all ACDelco Training.