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New ACDelco Technical Assessment Tool

3 years ago | general

New ACDelco Technical Assessment Tool

ACDelco is very pleased to announce a new Technical Assessment Tool as part of their training package, available exclusively to you as an ACDelco PSC Member! The new web-based tool is integrated directly into the ACDelco online training web site and was designed by technicians for technicians to help identify technical skills and competencies.  

The Performance Path Technical Assessment Tool will give you an effective tool to test new hires and current technicians to see where they excel and where they can put more time to enhance their skills. The tool will also be valuable for apprentices who are preparing for the Automotive Service Technician Test. In addition to the hundreds of online and virtual training courses, the Technical Assessment Tool will be offered at no charge! 

Some of the key features include:

  • 50-question skills assessment within specific functional areas, focused on a key repair area
  • 15 minutes, multiple choice based
  • Questions are written in a way that can be used with all major automotive systems and are focused on 11 different subject area


How to Access


1. Log into the ACDelco Online Training web site and select Take Training
2. Go to Catalogue, Catalogue Search section
3. Search for the Assessments: Enter the course code in the Search field at the top of the page or select Delivery Type and the Service Web Based Training Category
4. Select the specific Course

5. Click Launch Course on the landing page to start the course

6. Complete the 50 multiple choice questions in that assessment. You will be provided with a score and more details on the correct answer. 


This tool is one that each individual should log in and complete to ensure this is saved in their own training profile. The test can be taken multiple times as the employee continues to train and enhance their skills.

We will be featuring the assessments available over the next few months in our weekly eNewsletters, including announcements on new Web based training courses available. If you have questions on the ACDelco Performance Path or training courses available in your area, please contact your supplier.  


For the full list of technical assessments available, log into TechConnect Canada and visit the Training Page.